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Of course you are my trainer.   But, with me, that’s no small feat.  You stay with me and support me, through my crazy resistance, my angst over my own failures – you never stop trying to find a positive slant for my efforts (or lack thereof).  You never judge me and you always try to help me judge myself less harshly.  How can I ever thank you enough for that?
                                                                   J. M., Deerfield, IL

 I thank you for putting up with me and hope you won’t lose faith in me…… I appreciate all the effort you put into working with me and I look forward to our sessions.
                                                                   E. W. Chicago, IL

Thank you for all you did for my wife these past years.  Lila looked forward to every visit and you kept her strong and able to perform far longer than any of her doctors thought possible.  Thank you for making the last years of her gutsy life as full as possible.
                                                                   Dr. M. B., Glenview, IL


One of the miracles I truly believe in is you coming into our lives.  You have done remarkable things with Al and are so eager to participate in the medical research we are part of.  For this, we are so grateful.
                                                                   M. M., Evanston, IL


For ten long years I’ve tried everything I could think of to make myself as functional and pain-free as possible.  Everything from chiropractic to Feldenkrais, physical therapy, acupuncture and two surgeries.  I tried two personal trainers with no benefit.  I thought I would be pretty much crippled for the rest of my life.  I could not do any ordinary walking, any functional lifting.  Then…. You came into my life.  With your enthusiasm, intelligence, knowledge and ability to hear me – how could I fail.  In what seemed like a flash, you brought to the point of being able to take a cruise with my daughter and plan a trip with my son.  I can life and carry anything a healthy woman could expect to carry at 15 years younger than I am now.
                                                                   S. L., Northfield, IL

 I first met Helane over 10 years ago and had heard about her through our park district as someone who could help me, a diabetic, with some training and lifestyle changes.  She helped me through my pregnancy with twins (and helped hold them while I worked out or used them as weights) and has been here for every other event through the years.  In addition to me, Helane also works on occasion with my teenage daughters.  Her positive personality and encouragement for all of us has been tremendous.  As she would tell you, I am not an exercise person; I actually hate it, but with Helane by my side, the time flies by.  We have tried many different routines over the years, and Helane keeps making it fun while keeping in mind all body parts that need attention.  I would be happy to talk about her to anyone who is in need of a wonderful coach, whether they know it or not.  
                                                                     J. B., Wilmette, IL